We are not slowing down after the most exciting month in GamerHash history. In May, we have made partnerships, gave new opportunities to $GHX investors and celebrated the 600 000 registered users mark. Many other things happened in the meantime — for example, one of the greatest dips of all time in the cryptocurrency market. At this hard time for all the traders, $GHX investors showed everyone what does mean to have diamond hands. Thanks to them, GamerCoin price greatly recovered since the dip!


A new staking opportunity is here and opens up today! Exactly one month ago we opened a 30.000.000 GHX staking pool for the private sale investors, and it was filled instantly. Now it’s time to further limit the supply of GamerCoin with the power of long-term and short-term lock-ups. All the private sale investors are invited.

20,000,000 GHX allocation for the long term believers

GamerHash is a unique crypto project in a sense that is gathering together not only crypto enthusiasts but real gamers, too — and there are 600,000 of them! Our mission is long-term, and we want to introduce NFTs and crypto to even more users.

GamerCoin is already listed at some best-centralized exchanges in the world like KuCoin or Bithumb. Yet for those who seek a truly decentralized experience, DEXes (decentralized exchanges) are a way to go. Some of our community members even added GHX/ETH liquidity on Uniswap. From the DEX department, you can already use 1inch too!

While we fully understand and support DEX trading as it’s the next step into decentralization in the cryptocurrency space, we must be aware of the certain risks involved. Let’s get started!

Wallets and DEXes

To start trading on decentralized exchanges, you need a wallet such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet or other…

If you are into CS:GO you definitely know these guys. Snax, Innocent, Mynio, KEi, Kylar — Anonymo team is on fire right now. This is why we are more than happy to announce our partnership. Let’s dive in!

Anonymo and influencers

Anonymo Esports is a Polish e-sport organization that was created in 2021, yet it already is popular among the CS:GO fans as the team is already ranked 35th globally by HLTV. You might have heard about Anonymo, too, when they took part in one of the most controversial matches in CS:GO history at the Flashpoint tournament. Despite the team being just a…

We all love to play, and we love crypto — this is why GamerHash was created in the first place. To be always up-to-date with the newest hardware (who wouldn’t like to be able to play in 4k with ray tracing!) is not an easy thing, especially for our pockets. This is why we created a GamerHash Beast, and we have to admit — the experiment is going extremely well!

Just to be clear, in the beginning — the beast was not just made for mining. It was always in our office, and we used to play the newest titles…

It’s been a while since our last contest, so we have something that everyone loves. Here comes a way to win a lot of SUBs! We want to spread the knowledge about the ways the new community members can become Subme ($SUB) holders. The rules are plain and simple:

  1. Create a YouTube video on the topic of buying SUB from fiat money — USD, EUR or your local currency. The video should be created in English but the German, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, or Korean are encouraged in a form of subtitles. …

The next big step for the Subme project is upon us! Today 31.08.2021 the $SUB token will be listed on BitMart, one of the largest exchanges in the world, which regularly appears in the TOP 20 exchanges according to CoinGecko. The SUB token will be available at the SUB/USDT pair. With the announcement of the listing information last week, the price of the SUB token has grown almost 4 times from $0.0059 to $0.024! WOW!

To celebrate, we got 500 000 SUB for grabs! Join the Hodl & Earn Campaign!

Bitmart exchange and contest!

Bitmart Exchange has been around since 2018 and was founded…

It’s been almost one week since the TGE and the listing of the $SUB token on Pancake Swap. For many of you, it means one thing — it’s airdrop time. We loved your contribution and how many of you were spreading awareness about the project.

How to receive the airdrop?

In order to make things easier for our community, the airdrop will be distributed all in one batch and send to the wallets of the community members who did the tasks using the Sweep Widget (Twitter follows, referring a friend, leaving your wallet address).

The process of sending the $SUB tokens will begin on 15.08…

We are proud to announce that we have surpassed the threshold of 1000 investors HODLing $GHX tokens in their wallets! It’s great news, as it shows that the GamerCoin investor community is serious about security and the “Not your keys, not your crypto” rule. Overreaching this new threshold comes with a few important facts, too.

DEXes, CEXes, and HODLers

GamerCoin started on a very high note. In Q2 of 2021 $GHX was listed on the top crypto exchanges in the world — KuCoin, and Bithumb. It meant that a big part of the supply was sent or bought and hold on the centralized exchanges…

GamerHash is all about decentralization. Therefore, we have created GamerCoin (GHX), we made mining easy for our users, and we are working on the NFT marketplace for gamers. Even our team is decentralized — we are working in different parts of Poland, Europe, and the world. This allows us to work with the best talents in the blockchain&gaming space. Some of us are accustomed to the remote working environment, but the best way to talk about the future and make team-building activities is to meet face to face.

Michal Adamski

Content Manager

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